Hello World

It’s typical of me to start blogging after the blogging trend is well past its peak. I’ve never been trendy though, as anyone who’s seen my wardrobe can attest to. So, here I am.

I wondered what I had to say after all so many millions of words have been written on blogs then decided not to bother trying to be original. I’ll talk about what interests me, whether it’s a book I’ve read, my writing process or a conference I’ve attended. I’ll just be me when I write these. Even if the topic is serious, there’s no reason I have to be.

When I started writing, the first craft book I bought was Lawrence Block’s Telling Lies for Fun and Profit. I’d read his columns in Writer’s Digest and it was like sitting down for a drink with a master craftsman. I don’t have a hundredth of his depth of craft, but I hope to bring that casual feel, that personal voice, to my blog. I want people to feel like they’re sitting down for a drink or coffee and listening to an interesting story before the conversation starts in the comments section.



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